The functional benefits of using 3D modeling for product design

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Five reasons to use 3D modeling in product design

The term ‘product design’ sounds pretty plain and straightforward. However, in any manufacturing setting, it entails many things. Product design is actually the first stage of the materialization of any concept that a business wants to add in its future operations. A lot of brainstorming, trial and error and deliberations go into finalizing a sound product design.

3D modeling, which has turned around the course of blueprinting processes, can also help in creating a product design. There are multiple functional reasons to introduce 3D modeling in the making of product design. Let’s have a look.

For virtual prototyping

Good prototyping work is at the core of any successful product launch. One can’t commit a mass-scale production of a product before executing its successful prototypes. With the help of professional 3D modeling, a business can have a product prototype on the virtual medium to assess it for its design details, cost of production and other such aspects. With 3D modeling, one is also able to introduce real-time changes to the prototype to refine the design.

For precision

The contemporary 3D modeling work allows the exhibition of the product size on the real scale. This feature allows all the stakeholders to visualize the actual size of the product.

For 360 Degree View

The design of any product going to be marketed among masses doesn’t just need the approval of experts. It’s a common business practice to get the evaluation of the proposed product designs from focus groups.  3D modeling of the design can be a great way for the product illustration among the masses. The 360-degree view allows the assessors to examine the design from all the angles. An interactive 3D modeling presentation enables the users to zoom and rotate the model across all the axes for a better look.

For a streamlined production line

After the approval of the product design for mass manufacturing, one can also use 3D modeling details to set up a streamlined and automated production line. The data (coordinates etc.) used in the final 3D model of the product design can be transmitted to the computer-controlled manufacturing assembly (e.g. CNC machines). This integration of 3D modeling will allow the manufacturer to set a desired pace of production.

For better promotional activity

The 3D modeling carried out to assess the prototype and commence the mass production can be further used during promotional and marketing campaigns. An animated 3D modeling and high-quality 3D stills can be seamlessly integrated into any promotional activity.

Whether it’s a presentation to distributors or creating content for your audience on social media, the integration of 3D modeling of the product design in it can give your promotion a necessary touch of modernity. 3D feature is gradually becoming a stipulation of conventional promotional campaigns and you can test the waters with the use of three-dimensional product design for the purpose.

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