How 3D Product Animation

by Norman on Nov 18, 2016 (14200 Views)

How 3D Product Animation Proves Beneficial to Society?

Animation is a constantly revolving field. A number of different industries have recognized the power and influence of using 3D product animation. The film industry is no longer the only one using 3D animation, but other industries have found a purpose for it.

A quick search on the internet will quickly reveal how widespread the use of 3D animation has become. Two fields using 3D product animation are businesses and medicine. They are designing 3D products to create entire models to display during presentations or use to progress their work.

Has 3D Product Animation Given 2D Animation the BooT?

People still use 2D animation to create cartoons, mainly because it costs less. Therefore, 2D animation has not completely gone away, it still exists, just that more and more people now prefer to use its successor.

Industries have found the use of 3D animation more useful in promoting their business goals. In fact, the first time 3D animation made its presence known was in the 90s with the release of the animated cartoon movie Toy Story.

Since then, only improvements have been made to 3D graphics, characters, and products. The success of the movie led other directors to use 3D animation. An example of this would be Jurassic Park. The movie designed lifelike dinosaurs using 3D animation. However, as stated previously, Hollywood does not have a monopoly on using 3D animation, but other industries have begun to use it as well.

What Other Industries Have Started Using 3D AnimatioN?

Interior designers use 3D animation to create models to show their clients, architectures use it for the same reason, but on a larger scale than the interior designers do, businesses use it to display 3D replicas or models of their products, and medicine uses it to teach students by displaying 3D models of human organs.

Let's elaborate a little more on each field and their use of 3D product animation, starting with interior designers. Interior designers use to design rooms. This helps them save time and effort and provide them and their customers with an accurate idea on whether a design for a specific room would work or not. Architects use it for similar reasons.

In the field of medicine, 3D product animation is used for education and training reasons. The 3D models of organs and surgical techniques provide medical students with an accurate picture of the concept or an internal body process. Businesses use it to portray their idea on how they think the product should look like.


Interior designers, medical doctors, architects, and businesses are all part of society. They play an essential role, especially medical doctors. With 3D animation allowing you to see a realistic representation of an object or product, it allows for fewer mistakes, reduced costs, and more. For instance, medical students are not just learning about the human body, but are actually seeing it as it actually looks.

3D animation will continue to progress and play a vital role in society.

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