Functional benefits of 3D rendering for TV productions

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How TV productions are benefiting from 3D rendering?

Some critics are of the thought that TV is going through its golden period in terms of its drama content. In the last decades or so, some great TV series have been produced. From Breaking Bad to the ongoing Game of Thrones and Mad Man, the list goes on and on.

Barring few exceptions, the sets of TV series are really modest in comparison to the extravaganza of film sets. Since a TV series has a span of several years or even a decade, therefore producers have to limit the production expenses by employing several measures.

3D rendering is one of the latest technological features helping TV productions to limit their expenses. It will be interesting to see how TV productions are reaping the benefits of 3D rendering. But before we move on to discuss that, it will be imperative to briefly define what 3D rendering is.

To put it in simple words, it is a digital process through which 3D artists create spaces and real-life situations that are very close to reality. Or in other words, 3D rendering is just like professional photography minus the camera. However, it is more flexible and cost-effective than the latter.

To come up with the finest outline of the set design

TV productions used to have flat drawings to the set construction. But things have changed. Now, they use 3D rendering to optimize the design of the set before its actual construction. They can experiment many things and channelize their creative juices to the process to come up with the best possible blueprint of the set that goes well with budget and theme of the show.

Shifting run and trial procedure to the virtual medium

It was once very common for TV productions to have their set designs reworked several times before the start of the shooting. This has also changed with the advent of 3D rendering. All that trial and error work that resulted in blowing the production cost can now be taken care of with 3D rendering programs. Producers can have a preliminary demonstration of the set in different finishes, materials and light ambiance without spending a buck.

The overall process becomes faster

3D rendering is also a quicker way to test different looks of the set. This expedience is not possible when you are going to remodel it in real. A professional team of 3D renderers can easily test all the proposed designs within a couple of days. An activity, which would take weeks and months in the past, has been contracted to days resulting in quick TV productions.

Moreover, it is really easy to be discrete with 3D rendering. This means a production team can agree upon a 3D-rendered model of set design without getting tangled in exhausting miscommunications. 

All the above-discussed points are a clear manifestation of the fact that 3D rendering has streamlined the TV production while cutting its costs too. 3D rendering has many functional uses. From sketching the blueprint of your residential construction to product design, 3D rendering can effectively be used in many domains. So, if you want to get the services of a professional renderer, get in touch with XYZ Creative Group.

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