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Some Essentials for Making Great Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are popular and for a reason. Among marketers, they’re a great tool for explaining a tough concept that is usually difficult to wrap one’s head around.

The premier reason for the popularity of white board animation videos is that they are very engaging and the anticipation for what comes next keeps the viewer watching and stops them from clicking away. In order to create a good whiteboard explainer, there are of course some essentials and guidelines to follow. Here are some of them.

1.    Scripting it well

Unlike telemarketing calls, the script matters a whole lot in whiteboard animation. This is because the message that you want to pass to the target audience in contained within the scripted lines. Plus, there’s no screen time from the narrator so they don’t have any reason to stutter or look confused while they read out the narration from the script.

Scripting is one of the most important parts of the whiteboard animation video. The script is similar to other types of explainer videos, but you have the ability to add some internal references to the script itself, which may not have been possible for other types of animated explainers.

Drawing gags can also be added as humor, which further cements the viewer to the video.

2.    Paying Close Attention to the Storyboard

The storyboard here is when you roughly sketch out the main actions and elements that you’ve planned to incorporate into the video. It’s different when compared to other storyboards.

The whiteboard animation video needs to be shot in one flow and there are no conventional transitions (of course, there will be some form of transition) and planning. It’ll all be in one single frame -- with the camera still and the sketch artist drawing the scene.

This is to keep in mind the idea that there is a single hand that is drawing the scenario while it is being narrated, so matching the words with what is being drawn is required. This may all sound difficult, but is it really worth the effort. The number and success of these kind of videos speak for themselves.

If you forget the drawing hand by chance, it will be a grave error on your part. The hand adds to the duration of the video, which is very important. The hand has its own dynamics such as drawing hand timing and erasing timing, which can be desynchronized. So, you’ll need a little bit more time for the hand to draw and erase so it is best to structure your narration with the hand.

Proof check the video, always, to smoothen out any errors. And don’t think you’ll get away with placing the hand later as it will speed up the video too much, taking away from its charm.

3.    Math and Drawings

This has to do with the placement of the drawings, which need to be a perfect fit in terms of size. Think of it as making a moving masterpiece of art and filming a timelapse video of it.

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