The ingredients of a good 3D character animation work

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What goes into a kickass 3D character animation?

    In the last couple of years, we have got quite familiar with character animations, all thanks to Pixar and Disney for their feature-length movies. With the profusion of such high-quality character animation work, many people have led into believing

    that animating a convincing 3D character is just a run-of-the-mill thing. However, that’s not the case. A close-to-reality character animation requires many things to be on point.

    A whole lot of observation

    Yes, a lot of observation of real-life characters goes into making the blueprint of an animated character. One can’t be a good character animator without having good observation skills. A simple logic works behind this i.e. the integration of motifs

    from real life into the animated character makes it believable.

    Working on body language

    One can get the physique and facial expression of the character right with the accurate implementation of real-life observations. But that’s not all what it takes to develop a kickass 3D character. Another important thing is to get the body language

    right. Working on the body language of a 3D character actually enables the artist to get hold of the psychology of the movement. How one stands, pick things and move his body in the stationary position,  all these body actions don’t just describe

    physical motion but also the psychological intention behind it. By working on the body language, an animation artist can add psychological caveats to a 3D character that will take it closer to the reality.

    Forming and refining of every pose and expression

    Creating a living pose and expression for an inanimate object surely feel wonderful. Nonetheless, don’t get carried away by this feeling and rush into creating further such article. Piling up raw poses on each other to sort them out later is not

    considered a good strategy by seasoned animation professionals. It is easy to understand that too much rawness will make the character unreal and boring. So, form and refine every pose and expression before moving to the next to get the

    better net effect.

    Simplification of movement

    3D animated characters are defined by their movement. This means their interaction with the virtual environment they are breathing in plays a role in defining the quality of the character. Unlike basic poses and expressions, even a simple

    movement can be really complex. However, the secret of a good 3D character animation procedure is to break down any movement into three components: anticipation, action, and reaction. It is amazing to know that every character 

    movement can be defined through any of these three elements. This simplification actually makes it easier for the artist to bring the character movement to reality. Apart from these basic features, many other intricate efforts also go into

    the development of a good character animation. If you are looking for an authentic 3D character animation or any other related work, then the services of  XYZ Creative Group are the answer to your search.


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