How Digital Characterization Revolutionized Advertising

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Marketing via Digital Characters: A Revolution in Advertising

The personification of brands and businesses is not a new phenomenon. Companies have been using themed mascots for decades as a brand building tactic. However, with the exponential growth of digital technology, things in the advertising landscape have transformed drastically.

The personification of a business that was once considered a promotional privilege of conglomerates has now become feasible for small businesses as well, all thanks to 3D modeling, animation, and digital characterization.  

3D animation, character making, and rendering is a cost-effective mean of personifying a brand. In addition, a promotion that is based on 3D-renderd marketing characters is ensuring a higher return on investment to the businesses.  This innovation has definitely revolutionized how advertising is done these days.

Ad Copies Are Getting Shorter

The human brain is inherently inclined to perceive visuals with more interest than text-based details. It has been studied that people can recall 65% of visual information up to 72 hours as compared to 10% text-based information for the same time period.

A 3D-rendered marketing character with convincing features is the epitome of visual information. In comparison to a simple drawing or sketch, a character design on 3D platform can pack the greatest amount of visual details in itself.

With digital characters conveying a large part of the marketing message through their expressions and gestures, lengthy ad copies are becoming redundant. You don’t need to stuff too many words into an ad when a 3d-rendered character is there to increase the recall value of your brand.

Promotion Getting Free of Demographical Constraints

Promotional campaigns are mostly centered on particular demographic groups. An organization serving multiple age groups thus has to make different ads to make its message resonate with its consumer base.

Animation movies and shows are no longer considered just as children’s fare. Animated characters have a mixed following that comprises of people of all ages. This universal appeal of animated characters has made it easier for businesses to use animated characters in their marketing and see positive ROI. Through a single animated character designed with a well-thought-out insight, they can reach out to every demographic. From Generation Z to Baby Boomers, everyone responds to communication relayed through 3D-rendered marketing characters.

Making Dull Insights Interesting

You surely have stumbled upon many ads that don’t spark any interest and remain plain boring through their length. 3D animation and rendering techniques have brought improvement there too. Even a boring and dud insight can be turned into something exciting when it is demonstrated through animated characters, given that 3D experts that work on it that can get all the nuances of the characters right.

Lastly, 3D-rendered animated characters reveal the emotional side of things and that always make an advertisement more compelling.

As mentioned earlier, every business, regardless of its size, can make its advertising more appealing by incorporating 3D-rendered marketing characters.

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