Animation in Digital Marketing

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The Scope of Animation in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been evolving at unprecedented speeds. The ever-changing tweaks in search engine algorithms are decreasing the importance of traditional SEO over time. As a result, businesses looking to stay ahead are searching for new ways to promote their business.

Unsurprisingly, animation is increasingly becoming a key component of digital marketing. Using animation to enhance your promotional efforts can be essential for your business’s growth. In this article, we will review the scope of animation in digital marketing and key areas you can use it in.

Logo Animation

Animated logos aren’t something new as businesses around the world have been actively using them for a while. Google started its ever popular animated logo in 2015. Since then the technique has been used by various businesses for online branding.

Companies such as Master Card, FedEx, Amazon, etc. have used animation in their logos creatively to emphasize the uniqueness of their brand. From Master Card’s illustration listing down where the service’s applications to the clever use of flying arrows in FedEx’s logo, representing movement and speed, logo animations are a symbolic representation of brands.

A logo animation gives various opportunities to express what makes your business unique compared to a static logo. At the same time, these logos make your brand immediately recognizable, making them the perfect launching point for new brands.

Social Media Advertisement

We humans are attracted more to visual content than anything else. Plenty of studies point towards this fact and advertisers utilize visual elements to make their content more engaging.

Unsurprisingly, the internal algorithms in Facebook started to recognize this trend in 2016 as animations and videos were more effective in increasing reach and enhancing conversion rates. Although videos are great for promotion, they are not as efficient as animations. Animations are relatively cheaper to produce while also being more recognizable than videos.

Digital Advertising Banners

It’s easy for website visitors to ignore banner ads placed by businesses. The phenomenon is known as ‘banner ad blindness’ and it happens because website visitors are exposed to so many of them.

An effective way to counter this is to make your banners unique by infusing them with movement. Animated logos can improve digital advertising banners, helping your business attract greater attention and achieve an impressive click-through rate.

Animated Explanations

Animated explanation is one area where animation can truly shine. We have seen audiences to stay engaged with a short, engaging video that colorfully animated and delivered with a professional voiceover. Animation does an excellent job of simplifying complex topics and making them easily understandable to audiences.

Landing Pages Animation

A number of businesses use an engaging and animated video in landing pages to increase their conversion rates. However, these types of videos have to be carefully crafted and centered around the business’s brand.

Humans are known for having a notoriously short attention span. Therefore, if the audience is not thoroughly engaged, they easily be drifted away to some other thing. Effective animation is a brilliant way to keep people listening to what you have to say and invest their time and energy learning about your brand.

Final Words

Animation in digital marketing can be critical to the success of your company, ensuring greater engagement and saving businesses significantly on promotional resources. We give businesses the opportunity to digital animations honed by 3D renderings to promote their content and get ahead of their competition. To learn more about how animation, 3D modeling and its applications in digital marketing, feel free to visit our website.

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