Animation and Design Video Games of Today

by Norman on Feb 6, 2016 (40052 Views)

Almost every kid and adult (you are never too old for video games) around the world has found themselves engrossed in video games. Once the video game industry has made a fan out of you, you stay a fan forever. This fierce loyalty from video gamers has placed immense pressure on the video gaming industry to evolve, grow, and become more innovative.

With each passing year, the pressure increases, as video gamers remain at the edge of their seat, waiting for the next game in their favorite series to release. When the game hits the shelves, the judging begins.

Therefore, it is vital for the video gaming industry to be on the lookout for innovative ways to design the graphics, the characters, and the environment of the video games. Besides that, they have to create a unique selling point to set themselves aside from all the others.

In 2016, some developers have chosen to strengthen their graphics while others have chosen the path of differentiation. Let's have a look at the modern changes you will see in the animation and design video games of today:

--- Arcade Style Animation Design

The long forgotten arcade games are making a reentry into the video gaming scene. Arcade style games of the past and the platform games of today will become one. Studio MDHR is releasing a run and gun platform video game called the Cuphead. The company inspired from the cartoon characters of the 1930s----- will use painted backgrounds, hand drawn animations, and the slight imperfections to reflect an arcade style theme. To complete the 1930s look and feel, the company added jazz music.

--- Detailed Industry Animation Design

Industry design games have become increasingly complex with time. For those who do not know what industry design games are the buildings, the robust vehicles, the weapons, and the technology you use and see in games. An example of this type of game is the Batman: Arkham Knight. Developers carefully focus their efforts on creating everything from the gadgets, armor, to the smallest elements on the buildings with the utmost detail. The industry animation technique is the reason why everything looks so real.

--- Realistic World Setting

Video gaming companies, going for this type of animation and video design, focus on creating realistic environments. In doing so, it magnifies the world's beauty. The sunlight reflecting from the lakes or the changes in the characters appearance due to the weather are both examples of a realistic world setting. When the character stumbles and falls or takes a hit, the injury will be visible. The makers of the Tomb Raider games use this animation and design method a lot.

--- High-Resolution Characters

Animation and design is becoming more human. The humanistic features of characters in video games make for a fantastic user experience. Some video games even give you the key to create your own character. The available changes to the face and body to mirror your own likeness appear more real than ever. The high-resolution graphics is what most video gaming industries are going for and in this department, you can hope for more improvement in the future.

What type of animation and design video games of today do you prefer to play?

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