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The Cost Benefits of 3D Rendering for Ornament Makers

Manufacturing processes are always dependent on the designing phase, no matter what the industry and market niche is. However, this dependence increases manifolds when it comes to ornamental and decoration manufacturing. In fact, a good ornament maker is one that can excel in the department of designing.

3D animation and illustration have brought about a revolution in every industry. It has rewritten the conventions of designing and modeling. Ornament and decoration makers can also get a lot of help from 3D expertise. In particular, 3D rendering can prove to be a great cost saver for ornament makers in the designing phase. 3D rendering is actually the process of adding light, texture, and other visual details to a simple polygon/wireframe design.

Let’s see how an ornament maker can save their operational costs by incorporating 3D rendering into their designing process.

You Can Run Trial and Error without Draining Your Resources

Ornament manufacturing involves a lot of trial and error exercise since that’s the only way to come up with a dazzling eye-catching design free of imperfections. However, the problem is that regular handmade drawings and even basic digital illustrations can’t do justice to the design an artist has conceived in their mind. This is the reason why professional ornament makers always run this trial and error exercise by making actual prototypes. This approach definitely demands more money and time.

On the other hand, you have a 3D rendering that can create an actual visual representation of a design. 3D rendering has the power to materialize the creative imagination of an artist on the screen. With the help of 3D rendering, you can know how an ornament will look in different lights and backgrounds. Moreover, you can look at the ornament from all the different angles. You can also play around colors in 3D rendering instead of making separate models in different hues.

Showing and Distributing a Design Gets Simpler and Economical

If you are creating ornaments for a third party, then you must need to share the proposed design with them before green-lighting the full-scale manufacturing. With actual samples, this engagement becomes a lot of hassle. You have to send these models to your client’s location via your representative or through courier service. Besides, the back and forth in such communication also takes a lot of time.  In contrast, a 3D-rendered design of an ornament can be shared within a couple of seconds. You can also get the client’s feedback within the same day. This doesn’t just save your haulage costs but also streamlines your communications with clients.

You Can Use it for Advertising

A good 3D-rendered model looks nothing short of a real image. Instead of funneling in a lot of money into product photography, you can also use the 3D-rendered illustration of your product range for ads and promotions.  

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