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3 Ways 3D Printing Can Revolutionize the World

It’s been a few years since the groundbreaking technology known as the 3D printing took the world by storm. Although the buzz initially created by the concept has dimmed down a little, the applications of the technology have pervaded numerous industries ever since.

Three-dimensional printing is done in a series of layers building up a component slice by slice. In plain, uncomplicated terms, 3D printing is a revolutionary technology that allows objects to be printed out. The most commonly used 3D printers take in a special type of plastic filament to print durable, hard objects or components out the other end. With this unprecedented technology in hand, there are amazing opportunities unlocked for progress. 3D printing technology has plenty of surprises in store for the human race that are just waiting to be explored.

A New Era in Industry

At the present moment, industries depend on machines that have been specifically designed for a certain purpose. That machine is limited by its design to produce only a certain 3-inch component, for example. It cannot be tasked to manufacture a 5-inch component or any other part for that matter. 3D printing can change that. With 3D printing, the same machine can be used to manufacture numerous different parts or components. All it would need is a few tweaks to the software. The capability to build more customized products with less machinery will have a massive impact across the manufacturing and industrial landscape. Shorter lead times, reduced outsourcing and more domestic production can be expected along with more sustainable ways of manufacturing.

Reduced Waste

Waste is almost inevitable in a traditional manufacturing set up. However, since 3D printing builds a product up in layers, it has a way of minimizing waste by a great degree. Besides, with 3D printing, businesses will be able to produce the exact product without compromising on the production time, and custom packaging can be created inexpensively, minimizing leftover waste.

Fight World hunger

The idea of food coming out of a printer must sound absurd, unappetizing, and even unreal at first. However, this technology can serve as a potent tool in the fight against world hunger.  The printer will make use of oil and powder cartridges to print out real food. A NASA-funded company is already working on developing a 3D food printer that will allow such a thing to become a reality. It will be able to print out fully nutritious meals using synthesized protein strings. The technology is expected to become viable somewhere within the next decade.

Although it will take a number of years before the technology is cheap enough to feed poor people across the low-income spectrum and in remote locations in the world, the prospects of 3D printing are nothing less than revolutionary.

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