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X Reasons Why Architects and Engineers Need 3D Model Building

For a major part of history, building design has always been made from two essential designing tools: pen and paper. 2-D models made from these tools were not only difficult to build, but were also prone to miscalculations and errors.

However, thanks to digital technology, we now have tools that can develop accurate models in a quicker manner and at a much lesser cost. 3D model building is now common among architecture and engineering firms all around the world.

Nevertheless, some companies still rely on outdated techniques to construct designs for their projects. In this article, we will discuss various reasons why architects and engineers should leverage 3D modeling.

Project Visualization

Humans are visual beings, and they find it easier to understand spatial concepts if they can visualize it instead of imagining. Furthermore, many studies have shown that human brains transmit 90% of their information visually.

3D visualization benefits almost everyone involved in the design process. 3D models are incredibly realistic, and enable the design team to represent the scope of the project. At the same time, stakeholders and clients find it easier to conceptualize the building design more effectively. As a result, everyone can remain on the same page during the construction of the project.

Selling the Project

As any construction design professional will verify, a building project is a process where you have to sell your idea constantly. Unless the clients clearly understand every key component of the architectural design, it isn’t very easy to convince them to a particular building design or make development decisions.

3D model designing enables you to display every intrinsic detail of building design. For instance, if you need to construct a unique design for the terrace of the building, you can visualize it more effectively with the help of a 3D design. Later, you can use your innovative design as a unique selling point for your building design.

In other words, a well-constructed 3D model is a useful marketing point for any architect or engineer. The 3D model of the building design not only represents your idea more accurately, but also gives the clients to be more involved with the project.

Enhancing Project Speed

3D building models are an excellent way of saving both time and money for engineers and architects. With the help of a 3D model building tool, you can construct a building design earlier. As a result, 3D models are easier to comprehend for construction teams; thus, they can execute the design in a faster manner.

Precision and Control

3D models are designed with the help of data to produce realistic models. As a result, it is easier for engineers to represent real spaces. At the same time, these models also give designers ultimate control over precision, which prevents them from wasting time in measuring and re-measuring 2D designs. In other words, even if a design mistake occurs, engineers and architects can easily identify these issues before construction begins.

A well designed 3D building model can expedite the construction process, ensures client satisfaction and saves a significant amount of resources. To learn more about 3D modeling for architects and engineers, feel free to visit our website.


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