3D Illustration

The Importance of 3D Illustration for Construction Projects

Gone are the days when architects would draw detailed blueprints of a proposed construction for the approval of the client and the respective building regulatory authorities. Computer animations particularly 3D illustration have changed the SOPs of a construction activity altogether. Big construction companies now have standalone departments and special Building Information Modeling (BIM) software programs to create visual/virtual representation of their projects.

However, small and medium-sized companies and individual contractors don’t have the resources to own all of those tools. All such professionals can outsource this work to experts that can work on the 3D illustration of construction projects. If you are not sure how 3D illustration will streamline your work, then read on. We are going to discuss how 3D illustrations in construction work.

A Holistic Showcasing of a Customized Construction Model

Let’s suppose you have created a kitchen design for one of your clients. Now, you want to show it to the client in the most realistic way possible. You can do that by showing them the pictures of earlier similar work. However, this only works when the design is pretty common and has been heavily worked on in the past. For a customized model with a lot of unique construction details, you can’t use the photographs of previous projects. Here, the expertise of a 3D illustrator will do wonders.

With the help of a seasoned 3D illustrator, you can jot down every small, little detail of the kitchen design with the most realistic backdrop. For example, you can even show the client how recessed lights will cast a shadow in the sink underside. Similarly, you can show every part of a customized model with the right color, lighting, and texture to your client.

Shows Hidden and Simplifies Complex Construction Elements

A camera can’t show two parallel opaque planes in a single photograph. For instance, a photograph can’t show what’s behind a window sill. In 3d illustration, you can overlap translucent facades to show both of them in a single picture. Such layered representation helps the clients and your team to pick up any issue when it is still in the designing phase.

Moreover, the basic construction drawings are like visual jargon i.e. only to be understood by experts. The vectors used in these drawings don’t show complex construction features. 3D illustrations simplify the most complex of construction designs. From foundation to floor plan and elevations, everything becomes self-explanatory in a 3D-illustrated construction drawing.

This simplification of drawings doesn’t just help you in reaching out to clients in a better manner, but it also improves the communication among your own team members.

Can Be Transformed Into Fly-Throughs and Interactive Animation

A 3D-illustration can be further modified into a more interactive (animated) visual. You can also commission fly-throughs by 3D illustrators to showcase your projects in a more attractive manner. Such interactive graphics of a construction design definitely impress clients.

For all sorts of 3D-illustrated construction drawings, you can hire the expertise of the XYZ creative group. From modeling to rendering and animation, they can help you with all the things 3D.


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