3D Animated Films in Promotions

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Making the Most of Short 3D Animated Films in Promotions

Ad films are considered as premium promotional content. They entail hefty budgets, logistical strain, and many other functional constraints. On the contrary, their 3D animated variants are altogether a different ballgame. They are economical and don’t entail any logistical burden at all.

Short 3D animated films can give you exceptional promotional ROIs given that you are making the most of them. There are several ways through which you can have the optimal use of short 3D animated films in promotions.

To Expand the Customer’s Understanding of Your Product

You can’t fully convince people to buy your product without demonstrating them all its potential uses. An ad copy can certainly cover all the uses, but can’t generate the desired response from the target market.

You can effectively put across the comprehensive product description to prospective consumers through a 90 or 120-second 3D animated film.  The visual information works better across every customer group. So, if you are planning on to have a short animated promotional film for any of your product, make sure it’s ‘storyline’ revolves around its functional uses instead of just presenting how it looks.

Add Narrations

Besides crafting a story around your product, one easy way of adding more value to your short 3D animated film is to insert a relevant narration in it. It can be an interesting way to sort out FAQs pertaining to the product.

Make It a Brand Building Measure

Don’t just confine the short animated film to the product and product only. There is a lot of room in even shortest 45-60 second clips for slogans, color themes, logos, and other relevant signs. All such subtle or obvious additions, depending on the context, can strengthen your brand imprint among the target market.

A Customized Content for Various Customer Cohorts

With minor additional fees, you can get multiple versions of a single animated film modified to cater to different customer sections. Expert 3D artists are able to tweak and adjust an animated film with the same setting and the same storyline for different age groups. So, with different versions in a single ad campaign, you can reach out to all customer folds of your target market.

Use Its Content Across All Platforms

Gone are the days when ad films were only made for televisions. Now, you can use the same video content across different mediums. Make sure each and every one of your digital media facade gives coverage to the short animated promotional film.

Apart from publishing them everywhere, you can use these videos to create additional content for social media platforms. For instance, you can use a screenshot or a Gif file from the same film to make sure your SM timelines remain happening all the time.

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