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3D Advertising: A Cost-Effective Promotional Module

Making an ad, whether it’s for the print, electronic or digital medium, has never been an economical affair. One has to put a lot of resources while making any promotional piece for any of the given mediums. The revolution of 3D rendering, modeling and effects has changed the promotional landscape.

However, with the influx of 3D technology in the digital world, promotions for even small and medium enterprises have become quite easy and budget-friendly. So, if you are wondering “is 3D advertising a cost-effective option?”, then the answer is “Yes, it is”. Here are some details on this.

Physical Scenery and Locations Become Redundant

Whether you want to shoot a TV ad or want image-based content for print publications, you can’t get around the need of physical locations, sets, and scenery. Industry experts believe that logistical cost can make up 30-40% of the entire budget of a commercial.

But that’s what happens when you go for traditional filmmaking or photo shoot for your commercial. If you are taking up the process of 3D rendering and animation for your ad concept, then you can cut this entire logistical cost. This definitely makes 3D advertising a worthwhile promotional option.

Dispose of Celebrities and Create Your Own

Singers, actors, models—all have become part of our classical advertisement campaigns. Organizations even make exceptions in their advertising budgets to hire a famous person to have their products/services endorsed. Even if celebrities are not involved, professional actors are still required to materialize the script in the majority of TV commercials.

Here comes 3D advertising that is entirely independent of star and celebrity power. You can have your own heroes and superheroes to endorse your brand without paying a hefty fee to a single individual. You can even personify your brand in the form of a mascot through professional 3D rendering and digital characterization.

No Need to Invest in an in-House Expertise

If you don’t have enough resources to set up an in-house advertisement department, then 3D advertising is the option you are looking for. If you have an amazing insight for a 3D commercial but don’t have a team to execute it, there is no need to worry. You can outsource it to animation studios that take on any such project from start to finish.

From developing rough initial sketches to produce a quality final product, you can easily rely on the services of any professional animation studio. In other words, you can have your complete advertisement campaign sorted without a bit of in-house expertise if you are opting for 3D advertisement. With a good initial brief and continuous correspondence consisting of active feedback, you can get the required work from the animation studio without spending any money on liaisons.

If you want to carry out a cost-effective advertisement campaign without compromising on its quality and engagement factor, XYZ Creative Group is the studio that can facilitate your promotions that will be in line with your marketing budget.


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